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How do people advance in CNA ?

I am a current student looking for advice in the field I'm taking. #healthcare #internship

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2 answers

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Misty’s Answer

Hi Kiana,

Great question since you are looking to advance, however I am having trouble understanding exactly what you are asking. Are you asking if you can advance as a CNA or what would be the next step up from CNA? If you could clarify the question I would love to help answer it for you.

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Yves’s Answer

Hello Kiana, for me I was working as a CNA for about 2 years and I was stuck in a position where I wanted to move up in my skilled nursing facility. I was searching up positions that CNAs can do and move up and I found that RNA (Restorative Nursing Assistant) was a great position to move to. You will have to take a RNA in class which you will become certified to preform restorative care. The class itself is not that long, if you are interested see if the skilled nursing facility (SNF) or Hospital you are working at will cover your class.