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where you can get around there are more job opportunities?

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I have that doubt about where there are more jobs for that vocation and see if in the place where I am there is a good opportunity to work #job

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Edgar, this is a good question! Here is a link for Texas that gives projected job openings for 25 decent paying occupations. A word of warning: "Mean" salary is the average. Entry level can be lots lower.


I want to warn you about numbers. Here's a story I used to tell my class. Supposed somebody was trying to sign you up for a six week class to become a diamond cutter. Suppose he told you that the number of diamond cutters in the US was going to DOUBLE in the next year, and that entry level salary is $75,000. The class is only $500, and it is filling up fast - there are only 25 total openings. Sounds really good so far. But, here is the question: How many diamond cutters are there currently in the US? SIX. Next year there will be 12. That means 6 new slots. Yet 25 people are taking this class. Who knows how many other classes there will be? Not so good after all! Please, be really careful with these situations. These school sales reps are really good!

Also, once you start in a vocation, you will want to stay up to date with training. Even if your employer does not give you training - take it on your own. Always be ready for the next opportunity!

Let me know if you have more questions. Here is another website, but it takes a bit of work to find stuff.


And on the federal level, try this!