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what is a typical day like in HVAC

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Jillian’s Answer

I'm personally not an HVAC technician, but I'm married to one :)
A typical day is he gets up at 6am & leaves the house by 7:30am to head to the supply store & pick up the parts he needs for the jobs he has that day. He spends a lot of time driving around to meet with customers all over our area. He's often in hot attic spaces or dark, cold, sometimes damp, crawl spaces. He's sometimes around snakes & spiders as a result.
He spends a good bit of time in awkward positions on his knees under houses or balancing between floor joists in attics, which can lead to lots of aches & pains. Sometimes, the troubleshooting is hard & he spends many hours doing processes of elimination, which can be frustrating.
He doesn't take many breaks except to drive to the next customer as he tries to get as much work done as possible - it's a hustle, for sure!
That may not sound glamorous or even appealing but he loves his job for the following reasons: building relationships with customers, using his education to problem solve, creating work that he's proud of (systems that work efficiently, & metal & ductwork that looks nice & neat), & really just being able to be someone's hero of the day :)

Nice job, Jillian, representing the positives and negatives. Even a job that has some unpleasant aspects can be very rewarding. A job installing and servicing HVAC systems allows someone to be proud of helping people in difficult situations and gives a person the opportunity to create something that will be used by people every day for many years. Garrett Clark

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Victor’s Answer

Hello Arturo, I am a Technical Recruiter, and some of the positions I recruit are Building Engineers and Building Maintenance and they do HVAC work. First, when thinking about HVAC, you need to decide if you want to do just residential HVAC or commercial HVAC, everybody starts doing residential HVAC and once they learn the job really well, they go into commercial HVAC, which is basically providing maintenance and repairs of large AC units for businesses such as banks, stores, technology companies. On a daily basis when doing commercial HVAC, technicians are assigned several buildings within an area let's say 20, and they drive from building to building providing maintenance on the equipment, replacing parts as needed, and doing repairs. Many times the job is related to electrical, so you need to have experience working with electricity. But in simple words you do preventative maintenance on HVAC, do repairs, check on the power generators, check the UPS system.