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Cristobal N. Oct 25, 2019 100 views
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Does your family support your career decision?

I feel like whatever you choose to do in life, your family should always have your back....


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Sky E. Jul 10 307 views

How do I convince my parents to let me be an engineer?

My name is Sky. I'm heading into 10th grade this school year and some advice on how to convince my dad to let me be an engineer would be greatly appreciated. My dad wants me to go into the medical field and be a primary doctor or a surgeon so that I'll always have a job and make lots of money....

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Iqra T. Jul 17 160 views

Are you satisfied with your job? Is there anything you would change about it?

I'm just curious to see if the hours/pay/lifestyle is what you anticipated and whether or not you like it. #jobs #agriculture #doctor #orthodontics #general #career #business #dentist # #surgeon #teacher #engineer #lawyer #politician...


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Esther L. Jul 20 103 views

How influential is your dissertation or degree emphasis on your career employment?

I am about to start a doctoral program in clinical psychology. Everyone is telling me that an emphasis and dissertation focus on military veterans, can lead to a better practicum and internship placement with the VA, which apparently is on the higher earning spectrum in terms of clinical...

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Krish C. Jul 30 110 views

Which Universities are best for masters in manufacturing and product management or 3d printing?

I am a final year mechanical engineer and I'd like to do my masters in a course where I could build innovative products using my mechanical design skills, though not aesthetic, I'd like its function to help make life easier. An example would be a smartwatch making things more accessible, or...

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How will the creation of the Superstring theory affect our thoughts about dimensional capabilities and travel?

Dimensional travel is known as a phenomenon but I believe that it is possible. Scientists have recently proven the existence of different dimensions, so travel must be feasible. My question is, how will the creation of the Superstring theory affect our thoughts about dimensional capabilities...

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What is a simple way to stay focused and continue working towards your goals

I want to become a mechanical engineer, however I'm unsure whether I will be able to meet the requirements because I didn't try to get into my level of classes in middle school and high school until Junior year, I easily passed my math classes in Junior year, I am now a senior taking a class I...

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