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How will the creation of the Superstring theory affect our thoughts about dimensional capabilities and travel?

Dimensional travel is known as a phenomenon but I believe that it is possible. Scientists have recently proven the existence of different dimensions, so travel must be feasible. My question is, how will the creation of the Superstring theory affect our thoughts about dimensional capabilities and travel?


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3 answers

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Garrett’s Answer


Let me start by saying that as a mechanical engineer I'm definitely not an expert in string or superstring theory! But what I do understand is that these are mathematical constructs that attempt to combine relativity (which applies to "large" objects like planets, space ships, people, and grains of sand) and the physics of extremely tiny subatomic particles, called quantum mechanics. These theories require extra dimensions to be mathematically viable, but often those dimensions only need to exist on a very small scale.

In fact, recent scientific observations suggest that the universe operates in a 3-dimensional space (and only 3 dimensions) for length scales between 1 mile and 80 million light years. See here:


So I believe that these theories are not likely to change travel for people, mostly because we already have a good (if imperfect) understanding of the physics (relativity) that apply to large objects. On the other hand, a better fundamental understanding of how the universe operates can yield surprising advances, possibly revolutionizing things like communication and computing that can happen on smaller scales.

But that is just my opinion, I very well may be wrong about the impact on travel, and a future physicist (maybe you) will be the one to prove it. That's what is really great about science - we always start with opinions and theories, but those theories are always subject to modification when new information becomes available.

It sounds like you definitely have a strong interest in physics, so I'd suggest following up with some additional reading or just have fun with a few Ted Talks:


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T. Laure'nTony’s Answer

Because of building a special black hole utilizing the string hypothesis, this outcome zapped the material science world! Just because, an outcome determined with "classical physics" could be gotten from a string hypothesis. Despite the fact that the dark openings for which the outcome was in share almost no for all intents and purpose with the dark gaps which are accepted to sit in worlds, this new calculation delineated the association among strings and gravity. What's more, the calculation gives an understanding of the physical purposes behind the appropriate response.

Nobody knows yet, on the off chance that a string hypothesis is a definitive hypothesis, if there is, something like this. The hypothesis' inconceivable tastefulness and potential make it a solid leader to additionally clarify the internal functions of the universe well into the following century. In the expressions of Edward Witten, a pioneer and one of its pioneers: "String hypothesis is a piece of twenty-first-century material science that fell by chance into the 20th century."

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Joseph’s Answer

Superstring theories are another dimension of physics that will change the area of space travel and all forms of travel just like fiber optics has changed communication. Venturing into that aspect of physics will demand whoever tries to be stubborn in his or her persuasion. Good luck.