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Corvallis, Oregon

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Amanda R.’s Avatar
Amanda R. Jan 19, 2018 948 views

Where do I look for opportunities for future marine biologists?

I want to be one and my networking skills need some work. marine-biology...


Alayna B.’s Avatar
Alayna B. May 24, 2016 5328 views

What is the role and responsibilities of a project manager at a nonprofit organization?

I want to work for a nonprofit organization and I am trying to figure out what position would be best suited for me. project-management nonprofits non-profit non-profits...


Alexander G.’s Avatar
Alexander G. Jan 22, 2018 409 views

Is it easier to work in the evening and go to school in the mornings or vice versa?

As an incoming freshman with no prior work experience, I'm curious what kind of advice I can get on balancing and scheduling the two. work-life-balance...


franziska B.’s Avatar
franziska B. Jan 22, 2018 451 views

How long does it take to adjust to a university located in a large city?

I currently live in a small/medium city, but many of the schools I applied to are located in very large cities. I'm wondering how overwhelming it can be to move someone so different than what I'm used to. moving personal-development dorm-life...


lilia W.’s Avatar
lilia W. Jan 23, 2018 276 views
Maeve K.’s Avatar
Maeve K. Jan 24, 2018 298 views

Should I worry about the future of artificial intelligence when selecting a career?

Since I was six years old I have dreamed of becoming a teacher. However, I recently read and article online that predicts that within 50 years half of all human occupations will be replaced with artificially intelligent robots. Should I be concerned about my career as a teacher being cut short...

teaching robots

Lauren N.’s Avatar
Lauren N. May 25, 2016 593 views

What is the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a college?

Choosing a college seems scary to me. I don't want to make a decision and end up going to a school where I don't fit. students...


Renee M.’s Avatar
Renee M. May 13, 2016 650 views

How important is it to know Spanish with a degree in social worker?

I'm wondering if I should just take language classes in college or actually immerse myself and try to become fluent. work...


Renee M.’s Avatar
Renee M. May 13, 2016 572 views

How important is it to know Spanish for a degree in social work?

I'm wondering if I should just take classes in college or actually become fluent. work...


Asher M.’s Avatar
Asher M. Jan 12 194 views

What does it take to be an Actor?

I am an aspiring actor, and I want to know what it takes to be the best actor I can be. acting theatre...


Sailor A.’s Avatar
Sailor A. Jan 03 111 views

What are other job options in the field of criminal justice besides police work?

I would like to be a lawyer, however I do not know if I want to continue school after my undergraduate. Therefore, I want to still have a job that involves criminal justice but I do not want to be a police officer....


Kent S.’s Avatar
Kent S. May 13, 2016 1023 views

Is Education or Experience More Important for a Career in the Theme Park Industry?

My dream career is to manage and operate a Theme Park. Although I am well aware that this will require some work in existing amusement park contexts, I am uncertain whether it would be best to first attend four years of college and graduate with a business management degree in hospitality...

management communication entertainment business communications entrepreneurship training international-trade higher-education

lilia W.’s Avatar
lilia W. Sep 01, 2017 475 views

what events are important for a new author trying to get published to attend?

I am a college student trying to find good opportunities to break into the publishing field. i would like some advice on ways to do that, particuarly opportunities for college students...


Abigail B.’s Avatar
Abigail B. Aug 22, 2020 320 views

I want to become an engineer but I'm not sure which engineering field I should pursue, how can I narrow down my choices?

I love science and math, and roller coasters are what got me inspired to become an engineer. math maths mathematician...


Mackenzie C.’s Avatar
Mackenzie C. Oct 08, 2019 1188 views

What exactly does a Physical Therapist do in a typical work day?

I’m currently a high school senior and I have taken medical terminology, anatomy/physiology, and athletic training classes. I plan on going to college and studying to become a physical therapist. physical-therapy...


Jordan N.’s Avatar
Jordan N. Aug 28, 2018 301 views

What specific roles does a gynecologist perform as opposed to a PA or nurse?

I'm very set on heading into gynecology in my future however I'm having trouble deciding how far I want to go with it. Primarily I'm wondering who does most of the work and interaction with patients at a clinic? Is a nurse or the doctor themselves usually performing tests and exams, consulting...

nurse career gynecology doctor medicine

Alexander G.’s Avatar
Alexander G. Jan 22, 2018 381 views

How does a student with no previous experience get a job in radio?

I'm interested in working at one of my local radio stations as a job during college and I'm not sure what jobs I would have at an entry level. Would working at my new college's radio help? Do those stations usually pay? What does the salary of those entry level jobs look like? radio...

radio-host college-radio

lilia W.’s Avatar
lilia W. Jan 23, 2018 1298 views

What is the best way to approach someone for an internship

I have found a few companies that I would like to intern and possibly work at but they are not currently offering internships. I would like to approach them and see if they would be willing to let me intern or volunteer there. Interning...


Mackenzie C.’s Avatar
Mackenzie C. Oct 08, 2019 187 views

What are some qualities that are required to be a physical therapist?

I’m very patient and cooperative with other people, but I’m still very shy and trying to break out of my shell. I feel like at first I’m awkward talking to people that I don’t know, I’m hoping I’ll continue to grow more out of it. physical-therapy...


Jordan N.’s Avatar
Jordan N. Aug 28, 2018 273 views

Is it best to be an OBGYN or just focus on gynecology?

I'm set on working in the area of gynecology and believe I want to go all the way and become a doctor. However, I've noticed that many people are OBGYNs, not one or the other. While I think I'd love doing both, I'm not sure if I'm as passionate about the obstetric side. What are the pros and...

gynecology doctor obgyn medicine

franziska B.’s Avatar
franziska B. Jan 22, 2018 537 views

What is the difference between a BA and BS in psychology?

I want to study psychology but I am more of a science person, so I'm wondering what classes I would need to take for a BS in psychology, or a BA in psychology. psychology...


Aimee M.’s Avatar
Aimee M. Nov 22, 2019 292 views

Is it possible to balance a full time job, full school course load, being a single mom, and maintaining a socail life?

I am naturally a very ambitious person and plan on taking a full course load, continue working my full-time job, and parenting my daughter as a single parent. Is this massively ambitious, or do-able to some degree? I currently work with the IDD community and am looking to become a behavior...

psychology scholarship college job singlemom

Aimee M.’s Avatar
Aimee M. Nov 22, 2019 412 views

What benefits are there to becoming a Behavior Specialist?

I am a single mom and want to return to school for the first time since graduating high school in 2005. I want to become a behavior specialist specializing in autism. school college psychology student...


Gwyneth M.’s Avatar
Gwyneth M. Jan 17, 2018 469 views

Transportation in a big city--will I need a car?

I'm looking at a school down in California. It's basically in Los Angeles. All of my family keeps telling me that I need to get a car, even though I'm probably going to get on-campus housing. Do I really need a car? I'd love to not have to get a car payment on top of everything else....

transportation public-transportation college college-bound

Amanda R.’s Avatar
Amanda R. Jan 19, 2018 376 views

Are loans worth it?

My job barely pays enough for rent let alone school, but I have to pay loans back at some point and there's no guarantee I'll get a good job. school stressed financial-planning...


Nicholas P.’s Avatar
Nicholas P. Sep 26, 2018 320 views

How Can I Get More Scholarships With a Mediocre GPA?

Honestly through high school I have been very lazy and it took me until the end of last year to get off my feet. I then got a 3.5 GPA in the last trimester. My cumulative GPA is 2.8 and I still want to go to college and I need financial help. I am paying for college on my own. financial-help...

scholarship college-admissions college

Nicholas P.’s Avatar
Nicholas P. Sep 26, 2018 299 views

What is a good minor for a civil engineering degree?

I would like to pursue civil engineering in college and I have no idea what to minor in. I am thinking about possibly minoring in business but I need help. civil-engineering...


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