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What is the difference between Federal and State pay in painting union ?

I'm in job crops trying to get a better understanding of painting .

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2 answers

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Carolyn’s Answer

Do an internet search and answer this yourself!

The US Dept of Commerce keeps all kinds of compensation data by job, experience level, are area of the country.

Why do you ask? If you are looking to learn if you can get paid more at one place in exchange for doing no more effort thant he lower paying job demands, you probably are not going to be employable with that perspective. 2-% unemployment now = means only the most focused, passionate about doing quality work, with the best references are going to be hired.

Ask youself what kind of person do I want to be on a Team With? Someone who will teach me so I can do abetter job and be under less stress? OR someone who waits to be asked to get it in gear, leaving more than a fair share of the work and stress on you?

Nope. I'm not trying to be funny or snarky. I've been working on the payroll since I was 14. That's just short of 50 years. Even though every day has 24 hours in it, some feel like they last a week each, and others fly by and leave you happier than when you began the day. Which experience level do you want for your life?

Carolyn W
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Dennis’s Answer

Each state has prevailing wage criteria so you should look into the specifics of the state vs the Federal.