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Jai G. May 27, 2018 331 views

How to format your promptbook?

Another stage management question! So, I have recently finished stage managing my first show (Annie Jr.!) and it was awesome, my director/ teacher says I'm a natural. However, I ran into one key issue constantly. I don't know how to format my promptbook. I tried lots of different things but I...

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What is the difference between Federal and State pay in painting union ?

I'm in job crops trying to get a better understanding of painting ....


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Michelle B. May 14 139 views

How many high risk calls would you say each dispatcher gets on a day to day basis?

I am training to become a 911 dispatcher. I really want to know more about how it is....


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Leila H. May 18 154 views

How can I get a job at NASA after graduating with a degree in space engineering and technology? what are the requirements?

I study "Space engineering and technology". In general, I'm very interested in aerospace industry and astronomy, natural phenomena. #spaceengineering...


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Laureale C. Jun 20 84 views
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Currently pursuing a master’s degree in criminal justice, looking for a forensic psychology internship

So I am in my master’s degree program however, my undergraduate degree is in psychology. Psychology is the field where most of my experience is in. I wanted to know 1: will I be able to get a forensic psychology job even though my master’s degree is CJ?...


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Victwhon N. Jul 08 220 views

What is the benefits of being an Mechanical Engineer?

I'm still in high school. I'm going to the 11th grade but I want to be a mechanical engineer. So I just want to know some things about being an engineer. #engineer #engineering #mechanical-engineering #aerospace-engineering...