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Is John cabbot university good for a double majoring bachelors in classics and communication? Is it recognized when applying for jobs?

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2 answers

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Carolyn’s Answer

Dear one, there are so many questions mashed together. Let's separate them.

You need to ID people who make hiring decisions for the types of jobs you want, set up an informational interview with them and ask

What type of Experiences & knowledge do you look for in the candidates you make offers to?
How would you rate the value of a double major in (your two ideas) vs other educaitonal persuits.
IN your industry, in this part of the US, how is John Cabot rated as the producer of graduates who are valuable hires? HIghly? AS good any any other 4 year degree? Never heard of the school before?

NEXT contact the placement department at John Cabot asn ASK for Data
- How many grads have they placed in jobs like hte ones you want int he last 5 years?
= What majors, internships, and life experience did those receiving offers have, compared to job sewekers int he same field who dod not get offers?
- If the placement department cannot answer these questions easily, or say they do not track that kind of data GO TO SCHOOL SOMEPLACE SELSE THAT IS SERIOUS ABOUT PLACING GRADUATES IN PAYING JOBS! People do not pay for an education. People pay to have doors opened to the life's work they seek! Education is an Investment in Yourself - you Deserve Data on how well any post highschool program does in placeing people in JOBS THEY DESIRE. Not just desk agents for rental car companies like Enterprise (which is the largest single employer of recent college graduates in the US.)

Carolyn W

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Renee’s Answer

I don't know much about John Cabbot University but networking and building your work experience. Over time you will be recognized based on your work and not what school you attend.

Good answer. I agree Anthony Constantinou