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Do i get to fly anywhere for free when i become a pilot.#Plane Piolt

i want to do very good at my job so i can get seen more. #airline-industry

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2 answers

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Stephen’s Answer

All airline employees receive what is called “space available” travel. Meaning if there are seats on the aircraft that have not yet been purchased they are available for employees to ride on. You will also be competing for those open seats with other employees. Employees who have been at the airline longer have a higher chance than newly hired employees at getting space available seats.

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Alain’s Answer

Yes to most of the destination that your airline have. The only thing that you are lacking is free time. When you are a pilot, most of your time aside from flying are spent on sleeping, resting and absolutely less partying, alcoholic drinks and less food. You need to be rested and healthy at all times. The life of passengers is your absolute responsibility during the flight.