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What is the required education for airline pilots?

Should you get your bachelors, masters, or secondary school? airline-industry

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4 answers

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Gary’s Answer

Most Airlines like to see you have a Bachelors degree, the field of study is not as important as your flight experience. Some airlines will hire you without a degree or just an Associates degree. While the military does provide excellent flight training, currently about eighty percent of pilots come from the civilian side. You will need to have an ATP certificate in order to fly for any airlines. There are some schools that can provide you from zero hours to qualifying for the airlines. However many pilots learn at local airports while they work a job to pay the bills. Many years ago I used to drive a fuel truck at an airport. This is an excellent way to earn some money, learn about airplanes and if your lucky get a discount on flight time.
Good luck with your training, fly safe.

Gary recommends the following next steps:

If you have not flown take a discovery flight at a local airport
Look into schools
See if you can possibly get an internship with a nearby airline Orlando has a few airlines and freight companies
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Sachin’s Answer

Hi Saddiq!

If you are looking for a job that includes free travel and guarantees adventure, being an airplane pilot is an ideal career choice. To become a pilot you need a bachelor's degree in aircraft operations, aviation, aeronautical engineering, or a related field. In addition, you will have to complete up to two months of ground training and need more than 1,500 hours offlight experience.


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Tim’s Answer

Most major airlines require a bachelor's degree. They do not require any specific type or subject for the degree. However, because there is a pilot shortage, some airlines no longer require a 4 year degree. The airlines require an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating.

Flight training include: Student Pilot, Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Instrument, Multi Engine and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating.

Here is a very simply explanation of what these terms mean:
· Student Pilot - Fly an aircraft with or under the guidance of a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).
· Private Pilot - Can carry passengers.
· Commercial Pilot - Can fly for hire.
· Instrument Pilot - Can fly in the clouds under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).
· Multi Engine - Can fly an aircraft with 2 or more engines.
· Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) - Requires 1.500 flight hours.

Here are the Qualifications that it takes to be a successful pilot at American Airlines (as of 2/4/20):
· Excellent communication skills and quick and accurate decision making
· Close attention to detail
· Minimum age of 23
· Ability to work varying hours of the day or night, on weekends and holidays
· Must be able to secure appropriate airport authority and/or Customs security badges
· Fulfillment of FAA criminal background checks
· Ability to learn and work with PEDs
· Distance vision corrected to 20/20 and near vision corrected to 20/40 or better in each eye
· Current Unrestricted Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating (multi-engine)
· Valid FCC Restricted Radio Telephone Operator permit
· Valid First Class Medical Certificate
· Flight time in accordance with all FAA requirements
· Must be able to fluently speak and understand English
· Must have the right to work in the United States
· Additionally, we require all of our pilots to have a valid passport and documentation allowing for entry into
the United States after an international flight.
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Maria’s Answer

To become a pilot you need the bachelor degree in aircraft operations, aviation, aeronautical engineering, or a related field. For more details you can contact at Air Canada Airlines Reservations or visit our official site: