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Tim Wilcox

International Airline Captain (Retired)
Transportation and Material Moving Occupations
Moorestown, New Jersey
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Israel’s Avatar
Israel Apr 18, 2023 1467 views

What are the steps to becoming a commercial pilot crop duster?

I'm working on a high school diploma. I'm interested in becoming a cropduster. Do you need a medical degree to get a pilot license?

Ben’s Avatar
Ben Nov 02, 2022 716 views

How to start your piloting career?

At what age did you start your pilot career? Did you start in college, after college, or when you were younger? How did you start? What steps did you take? I want to get started as soon as possible.

Drayton’s Avatar
Drayton Oct 31, 2022 514 views

Should I go to college to become a pilot?

I want to become a pilot (commercial, private, etc), my dad was a pilot and went to college. But now to become a pilot you don't have to go to college. So should I?

danica’s Avatar
danica Jan 19, 2022 1136 views

how to become a flight attendant

i am tall girl and not beautiful

Peace’s Avatar
Peace Jul 16, 2021 1862 views

Can I be an actress and a flight attendant

I am very interested in acting and I dream of being an actress someday and I will like to be a flight attendant because it will make me travel the world and meet new people , but the fact that air hostess don't get much time for themselves makes me feel I won't have time to pursue my dreams...

saddiq’s Avatar
saddiq Apr 23, 2019 641 views

What is the required education for airline pilots?

Should you get your bachelors, masters, or secondary school? #airline-industry

Aiden’s Avatar
Aiden Feb 03, 2020 507 views

What is the best way to be a pilot.

#studying-tips #airline-industry

Yasseria’s Avatar
Yasseria Jan 19, 2019 595 views

Can I become a pilot or flight attendant with commerce?

Because I have commerce in my 11th grade An I so wanted to become a #pilot

Dillin’s Avatar
Dillin Jan 05, 2020 1961 views

How often do you get to see your family while flying as a commercial pilot?

I am a sophomore in highschool and about a year ago, I really become fond of the idea of flying. I love riding in airplanes in general. I started taking some classes that would try to help me down the road of becoming a pilot. #pilot

Jackson’s Avatar
Jackson Oct 16, 2019 801 views

How can I shadow a commercial pilot?

#aviation #pilot #airline-industry