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How can I shadow a commercial pilot?

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3 answers

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Tim’s Answer

Hi Jackson M,
It would be difficult to truly shadow a commercial pilot as it would require flying in the cockpit during a flight. There are rules and regulations regarding flying in the cockpit of commercial flights that would restrict your access to being in the cockpit during flight. The term "commercial pilot" simply means a pilot that can be paid to fly because she/he has earned a commercial pilots license. There are all kinds of commercial pilots and aircraft. Some jobs include, flight instructor, towing banners, fire fighting, pipeline patrol, search and rescue, float planes, helicopters, corporate aircraft and airliners to name a few.

Tim recommends the following next steps:

You may be able to go to a small airport with your parents and find a pilot that will take the time to talk to you and have you sit in the cockpit on the ground. Some future pilots start by taking part time jobs at airports cleaning buildings, airplanes, cutting grass or fueling planes. Once you get in that environment you will learn a lot. Good Luck with your adventure :)

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Nalin’s Answer

I would start by getting a PPL if you havent done so already; through that would open up avenues to network with other pilots with a commercial license and know more of the specifics that you are keen on understanding

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Jim’s Answer

Due to insurance restrictions that may be challenging. I recommend stopping by your local airport and speak to the aviation manager. Pilots often hang around in the lounge and you can ask a ton of questions.