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is it worth doing the job? how is your daily life in your job cite? What do you like and dislike about your job?

My name is Javier Espinoza and the vocation I will be studying is welding and i want to learn more about this career.

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2 answers

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Dallas’s Answer

Life is what you make it... you hate your job then you hate it. I’ve worked in conditions that are horrible but I enjoyed the work and the pay so it was just another day. There’s many people that I explain my job in how I build things and repair things that help nuclear power facilities, oil refineries, move historical objects, keep people safe and they get excited about it.

You have to find what inspires you as a person for me I don’t like doing the same thing everyday. I enjoy new challenges, welding and building.

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Jonathan’s Answer

Welding is a fabulous choice. Start reading up on API codes, 1104, B31.3, etc. Plenty of material online. It will give you a more in depth grasp on the integrity needed to uniform a perfect weld. Most of all, stay focused and determined to succeed at everything you do.
Stay Positive! J.J.