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michael’s Avatar
michael Mar 17, 2021 332 views

how do you get into welding

i am interested in becoming some kind of welder when i graduate

Dalton’s Avatar
Dalton Jan 31, 2019 537 views

what benifits does this company offer?

welding benefits #weldernation #welding #welder #trade

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Mar 12, 2019 482 views

What are the benifits of a underwater welder?

#underwaterwelder #welding #welder

Trevon’s Avatar
Trevon Jul 16, 2019 330 views

what are the disadvantages in the career of welding?

I am currently a Job Corps student at one of the facility's. I want to know more information about the career. So i can understand more about this trade. Like what are the ups, downs in working in this career. #welding #career

ricky’s Avatar
ricky Feb 07, 2020 290 views

can you help me with welding?

i like to weld and i like to weld #welding

Shannon’s Avatar
Shannon May 18, 2016 908 views

My significant other would like to pursue a career in Welding. What would be the best college-based or certification school plan he could take so he can continue working his passion for a better salary?

In order for my significant other and I to succeed in our near future, we need to know how much work we need to put in before settling down with careers and building a family. #career #salary #welding #financial-planning #career-details

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jan 16, 2018 713 views

How come trade schools aren't mentioned more often?

Whenever someone considers a path after high school it's always a four year college. I learned that trade jobs can earn you a lot of money, but trade schools that teach you how to do certain jobs are not mentioned as often as four year colleges. I want to go to a four year college but I'm also...

Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey Jan 28, 2020 449 views

How to avoid doubting myself in my schooling/learning of a new trade?

Starting a tech program brings a lot of doubts about, Can I do this? What if I burn myself out too quickly? Is this the right choice for me? What are some ways to avoid doubting myself in my choices and avoiding my indecisiveness? #trade-program #trade #schooling #second-thoughts #welding...

Quinton’s Avatar
Quinton Aug 26, 2019 293 views

Where is the best school for welding?

#welding #school

Javier’s Avatar
Javier Sep 05, 2019 323 views

is it worth doing the job? how is your daily life in your job cite? What do you like and dislike about your job?

My name is Javier Espinoza and the vocation I will be studying is welding and i want to learn more about this career.

David’s Avatar
David Sep 05, 2019 974 views

Is welding a career that can pay off?

I am currently studying to achieve my welding certification and would like to pursue a profitable career and overall a successful life. #welding

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Mar 12, 2019 476 views

What classes would you recomend i take for welding?

#welding, #underwater-welding

jesus’s Avatar
jesus Dec 09, 2019 367 views

Whats your favorite type of Welding?

#welding #oilfields

Anahi R’s Avatar
Anahi R Aug 30, 2019 383 views

Really, how often do your welding certificates come in handy?

My name is Anahi, I am 18 years old with 4 (highschool) years of welding experience. I am currently working on getting my certificates, as a girl, I wonder if it is viewed differently by employers and if getting my certificates is really the best move I should be doing to increase my job...

Anahi R’s Avatar
Anahi R Sep 03, 2019 427 views

What are the welding certifications offered in Advanced Training?

Hello, my name is Anahi. I am currently a student in Job Corps, getting my basic welding certifications. I am 18 years old with approximately 5 years of welding experience. I am not sure if going into Advanced Training is the best choice for me.
#welding #career #certification