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what is the most enjoyable part about being an elementary teacher?

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2 answers

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priya’s Answer

Hello Anastasia,

I am so glad you had brought up this question. Teaching or being a teacher is itself the most enjoyable thing I would say and that too for a group of kids under 10 is the best of all. This would be a dream job for those who love and admire kids and their cute ways to approach life.

Kids under 5th std are the ones who do not have any kind of pressure towards the life and enjoy everything on their plate. So when you get to be with them you do see a totally different perspective towards the way you deal things in your life. Also they give you new kind of energy which is full of motivation and easy going attitude.

These kids are the ones who carry a fresh mind and I consider it to be an immense pleasure for me to be among the few who teach them something that they are going to remember for their entire life time. I still can't forget the way my math teacher taught me about how to check for the time on the clock. It could be as simple as that but still i remember her name and the technique she taught me.

Patience is one other thing you will definitely learn when you have to be around them as they don't work to our speed , which I consider to be a bonus on this job which in fact will help him/her to succeed several things in their life.

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Kana’s Answer

Teaching is a great profession It's sad it's forgotten and not deserving the due respect and credit which it had several decades ago . It's giving back to the community in a way of nurturing young minds . Our best days will always be our school days and will be cherished for the wonderful teachers who laid the foundation .

Elementary school is a great way to start and it requires patience and creativity to keep kids engaged . If you are patient, creative and love to be around kids this profession is wonderful . Each day will be different and you will never be bored .

On the lighter side, I love the spring, winter and summer break that comes with it especially if one have kids, it's a blessing .