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What are three things you don’t like about being veterinarian?

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2 answers

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Russell’s Answer

1 - People. Most owners are fine, but there is that minority that are difficult and frustrating. They don’t take advice, then complain when the problem progresses. You might be treating the patient, but you have to keep the owner satisfied, also.

2 - Money. Money is the largest obstacle to veterinary care. I’m not suggesting that veterinary prices are exorbitant (though some are), or that people are cheap (though some are). There simply is less discretionary income.

3 - Commercialization. Much of veterinary medicine has become commercially-driven, rather that value-driven. This is true in diagnostic testing, drugs, and corporate practices. Veterinarians are often paid on production, which means the more that they bill, the greater their personal income. This can lead to over-testing and more aggressive treatments. In my opinion, the money should be separate from the medicine.

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Maryam’s Answer

The first and most important reason was that I couldn't handle animals and from childhood I was the same
Second : in fact , judgement of others was important for me
Third the zoonosis diseases , cuz i have asthma and i couldn't handle that