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What path should I take to being my career journey in VR/AR?

I want to know which IT certificates best help a career in VR/AR. I currently have my ITF+ certificate. I would like to know which I should pursue next if any. I would also like to know which certificate in the fields of VR/AR that I should pursue. #career #career-paths

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2 answers

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Tessa’s Answer

Hello Victor, VR/AR primarily utilizes Unity3D using C# and Unreal Engine using C++. I would lok into certificates that focus on these areas. Here is a good article that covers the basic information. https://www.coursereport.com/blog/how-to-get-started-in-ar-and-vr-development . I am not endorsing the school, Holberton, although you can consider them if you would like. If you are considering a degree you would be looking at software engineering.

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Diana’s Answer

Hi Victor, i think software engineering is a great option for this field. VR/AR is still very new even if it has been talked about for a couple of years now. The issue is that the productization and scaling of this is taking longer than expected. It's all consulting services right now and i think by the time you graduate it will be at scale so great timing :-)