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Jalen M. Feb 10, 2017 826 views

How do you know what you want to be?

I want to try to be a architect or an engineer. #architecture #career-counseling...


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Elizabeth A. Jul 28, 2018 257 views

What if what I want to do doesn't work out in the end?

I really want to be a meteorologist, but everyone in my family keeps telling me that I should go into education or business or something practical because it is not going to pay the bills when I graduate. What am i going to do? My aunt went to school to be a scientist and now she sells windows...

#salary #career

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Victor G. Sep 10, 2019 198 views

What path should I take to being my career journey in VR/AR?

I want to know which IT certificates best help a career in VR/AR. I currently have my ITF+ certificate. I would like to know which I should pursue next if any. I would also like to know which certificate in the fields of VR/AR that I should pursue. #career...


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Charis L. Jul 16, 2020 166 views

What are the options for someone looking to work in the non-profit sector?

I am an undergrad student and probably want to work in the non-profit sector eventually. Besides grad school and fellowships, what else can I be looking into?...


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Wendy W. Jul 17, 2020 138 views

Finding employment opportunities

Throughout my university journey so far I've been surrounded by friends who've been getting research positions and amazing internships. I really feel the pressure to be on the same level as many of them but I don't know really where to start. Do I build connections first and then reach out? Or...

#internships #july20 #researchassistant

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Emilia S. Jul 19, 2020 210 views

What's a good major for hopeful human resource managers?

I am transferring to a four-year school with an associate's degree in liberal arts and I think I want to be a human resources manager? I don't know what the best major would be that would give me the skills and experience to do that. #july20 #major #humanresources...