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How do you know what you want to be?

I want to try to be a architect or an engineer. #architecture #career-counseling #engineering

Hi Jalen. I hope you are having a great day. Can you clarify what you are asking? I know you have interests in being an architect or an engineer. Can you please edit your question more specifically so that our professionals can help you out? Thanks!- Ben Ben Landis COACH

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6 answers

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Victoria’s Answer

Life is a journey where you try things out, evaluate if it is for you and then make decisions based on your experience. Another added level of complexity is that you yourself will also change and what your interests and values are at one point may change and the job that you thought was meant for you no longer is. The bottom line is the idea of something being meant for you is a goal that is unrealistic. Instead reserve time for introspection to figure out what you want in life, career, etc and figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are, tie those together and figure out what careers align with such - this will set you up with more alignment in what you want that may not be something you are conscious of and tie it to a career.

Figure out what your life goals are (ie. work to fund your hobbies, work as your hobby)
Figure out what you want to learn from a job, what you value in a job
Figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are
Figure out what jobs align with your personal abilities and your personal & professional goals
Figure out what opportunities are closely available to you (ie. school network, campus recruiting, personal connections, etc)

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Micah’s Answer

This is a tough question that lots of people struggle with, including myself. I think the key is to know yourself well, find the things that give you a sense of fulfillment. People find fulfillment in many different ways, some find it in solving hard problems, or inspiring and educating others, or a sense of accomplishment by completing tasks. If you know yourself well you can have a better chance at finding a career that can give you long lasting enjoyment.

One step to knowing what kinds of things you enjoy doing is trying as many different kind of jobs and activities as you can. If you can't find jobs that give you exposure to many different things, you could try to do some informational interviews with people who work in different industries. Additionally you could also try to find some meetup groups or online communities to get exposure to some other types of careers and what working in them is like.

For me personally I chose to become a software engineer because of the sense of accomplishment I got from solving tough technical problems, and being able to point to a thing and saying, "I built that". After 18 years of being a software engineer I moved into becoming a full-time manager and I still find myself writing code and working on projects in my spare time, mostly because I really really enjoy it.

One final thought I would have is that just because your first experience with a particular job or career category doesn't seem like it's a good fit for you, doesn't mean that the entire type of job isn't a good fit, it could have just been the particular situation or people.

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Cecília Iacoponi’s Answer

Hello Jalen.

This doubt is of the majority of young people who are to decide which career to choose.

Do not think that only you have doubts because many times until the young people are already in the university they wonder if they made the right choice.

So, in addition to researching each career to see what you can actually do in each one of them, I encourage you to do a retrospective of your life as a child, and look at the things that you would most like to do.

Seems like a joke, but it's not!

In my sessions with career counselors I do these exercises and they work very well.

Also, look at the examples you have of people you admire as professionals, and why you have come to these two career possibilities.

Has anyone had influence in the family that has these professions? What is your interest in these two possibilities?

When you begin to think about your life up to now and analyze every detail what you like best, what you have more easily, what your talent, if you go to the creativity of the architecture or the engineering logic, if you always like building or you like the technical part of engineering, all this can help you think better about your career.

Think about it.

Hope this helps.

A hug.

Cecília Iacoponi recommends the following next steps:

Think about your life
Think about what you do best
Interview people
Try to see yourself in both careers

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Natalie’s Answer

Hi Jalen, I studied architectural engineering at the University of Texas and practiced as a structural engineer for several years. If you are interested in both architecture and engineering, I would encourage you to look for colleges with this major. It is a great way to study both architecture and engineering. With an architectural engineering degree, you can practice structural engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture, construction engineering, etc. Check out this link for additional info. http://www.caee.utexas.edu/architectural

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Kalyani’s Answer

That's really a great question.
Everybody has something different than other, something unique that unique thing we called it as intrest, passion.
Someone like drawing, dancing, singing and many more. If you capable of identify that then this is first step towards recogninzing ourself.
2 things are important in life
To identify difference between passion and education.
If your passion can be a education then that's great.
But never force yourself to be something that's only for sake of satisfing ourself.
Find your intrest.
Nothing is impossible.
You can become what you want once you believe in yourself.

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Diana’s Answer

Hi Jalen,
I studied and became a CPA and after working in accounting for several years i realized i like dit but did not want the rest fo my life to be in accounting. I reflected and looked at different jobs at Autodesk and realized i really liked product management. the reason was because you were a mini-ceo of a product line. My path to get there took many years but i decided to go get experience in roles that would help me get that job. So i worked in sales, customer support, operations, and really tried to determine which path was right for me. In all roles my accounting background was my strength so i could use it in every job and really it differentiated me from teh rest. Students worry that they have to make right choice in school, whatever you learn at school can be applicable to other roles. If you go into architecture and then realize you want to do something else you can and it can be marketing to architects, product designing architect products, etc.