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Lance’s Avatar
Lance Nov 29, 2020 822 views

How do I decide what to major in if I can't decide on one career option for my future?


Kemi’s Avatar
Kemi Dec 31, 2016 1414 views

Is studying abroad really worth it?

So many people have recommended that Is study abroad at some point in my college career. But, it can get a bit expensive depending on the location. Nevertheless, is the experience worth it? #college #study-abroad

Deborah’s Avatar
Deborah Feb 11, 2017 1084 views

Why would learning abroad give me a leg up amongst my future competition?

I'm considering going abroad #career #school #study-abroad #learning

Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa Apr 16, 2018 698 views

what year is best of study abroad

To determine what summer break might work better for a study aboad. #study-abroad

Aaliya’s Avatar
Aaliya Feb 26, 2020 693 views

What are tips to having good mental health?


Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Mar 27, 2018 999 views

How do I balance spending and saving?

My instinct is to spend only what I have to, then spend the rest on luxuries. What are some strategies for developing healthy financial practices? #college-advice
#personal-finance #savings

Meredith’s Avatar
Meredith Mar 26, 2018 849 views

What is the best way to study?

Should you study alone or in groups?

#college-advice #college #studying-tips

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Feb 04, 2017 7111 views

What will make you stand out at a job interview?

Hey! I was just wondering what could make me stand out a little when I go to a job interview. Would it be something that I would say, something that I would do, or something else? Thank you! #business #medicine #teaching #law #technology #interviews #information-technology #customer-service

s’s Avatar
s Jan 17, 2018 710 views

Does the reputation of the school you attend really matter?

Are Ivy League schools really any better than state schools? Do employers have a preference?

#college #college-advice #career-advice #career-counseling

Lindsay’s Avatar
Lindsay Jan 17, 2018 549 views

Are all colleges the same? Does it matter if I go to a private university or state school or community college?

I want to know if it is worth it get out school loans for a private school. Or will I get the exact same knowledge at any other type of colleges that are much cheaper? Really struggling of getting enough money to go to my dream school which is private and expensive. #college-advice

Gordon’s Avatar
Gordon May 12, 2018 718 views

Is it worth going to my dream school if it costs significantly more than an acedemically comparable school?

I am a high school junior, and I am unsure of if I should choose my dream school (Notre Dame) over a school that is about as good but less expensive. I obviously have not applied to any schools yet, but I am trying to prepare for when I do. #college #financial-aid #choosing-a-college #colleges...

Adel’s Avatar
Adel Jan 17, 2018 630 views

Is it worth graduating college early if you can?

I have the option of finishing college in only 3 years instead of 4 but I am getting a mix of options from that. My parents believe college should just be to go in and get out as fast as you can, but alumni and other adults say i should take the 4years to really live out my time and not rush...

Diana’s Avatar
Diana Jan 16, 2018 971 views

Does the university I graduate from affect the position I get in a job?

If I go to University of Arizona will I be able to get the same position in a career as if I go to Stanford? #Careers #Comparison

Amber’s Avatar
Amber Sep 30, 2017 2501 views

How did you decide on your career path?

I am trying to decide which career and college to go to and I would like some advice. #career-counseling #career-choice #career-path #career #careers

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Oct 30, 2016 766 views

What's the best balance between what you enjoy and what makes money?

I want to do what I love, but I also want to be able to make a living. Tips on how to achieve both of those things? #science #music #art #money #careers