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Northampton, Massachusetts
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I want to have a job that empowers other people, for a company whose message and platform I believe in.



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Emilia Jul 19, 2020 862 views

Is an internship the way to go?

I'm a student that lives on their own, without financial support from parents. I was wondering if an internship is absolutely necessary to get my "foot in the door", even though financially, I cannot take on an unpaid internship?

#internships #networking #JULY20

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Emilia Jul 19, 2020 754 views

What's a good major for hopeful human resource managers?

I am transferring to a four-year school with an associate's degree in liberal arts and I think I want to be a human resources manager? I don't know what the best major would be that would give me the skills and experience to do that.

#JULY20 #major #humanresources #business