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What would be beneficial to pursue a career in cosmetology?

I am I sophomore at Boston Collegiate Charter School and I am interested in becoming a cosmetologist. I like to work with makeup and hair and want to know what it takes to become one. Thank you for your answers. #cosmetology #makeup

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4 answers

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Prithwika’s Answer


Please check the link below from an well known makeup artist in USA:

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Wael’s Answer

It is up to you to decide if it is beneficial or not. The link below show some statistics to make your decision.

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Diana’s Answer

Hello Joanna. A trade is a wonderful gift you'll use for the rest of your life!

If it is something intuitive , you have this natural ability and love for the industry--then yes!

I started out as a shampoo girl in high school to find out if I would really like it --I did.

I would strongly suggest you explore this craft before spending the money or taking out loans --as you should with any educational debt.

I wish you success , whatever decision you make on your career and journey in life.

Diana Sheedy

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Carmella’s Answer

Cosmetology is a recession proof Industry, someone will always need their hair, makeup, or cuts done. You can work in nursing homes and an assisted living facility, your bread and butter money.