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what is a recommendation to become a good occupational therapist?

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2 answers

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Angela’s Answer

Thanks for your question! In order to be a good occupational therapist, you need to be willing to learn and able to work with others well. You will always be part of a healthcare team, so working easily with others and having good communication is necessary. You also need to interact with patients on a daily basis, when they are at their most vulnerable. Being kind and compassionate is critical, along with encouraging and motivating patients to reach their goals.

Angela recommends the following next steps:

Shadowing occupational therapists in a variety of settings is recommended prior to admission to OT or OTA professional programs

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Michael’s Answer

Understanding ones own self care and world view! Education and internships are critical for going into this field! Being a good listener and great analytical thinker helps also! Some people want to help others without understanding what their personal limitations are concerning taking on other peoples problems and concerns! It helps to be aware of the many types of occupations there are and what each entails to be effective! A good ear and keen eye can also be a bonus in this profession.