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what course should i take im undecided

hi im rafael. can you help me for what course should i take for my college i dont know what i want occupational-therapy

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4 answers

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Almira’s Answer

This is funny but real... When I was in my 4th-year of high school (24 years ago and that reveals my age), that was the only time when I made up my mind on what course should I take. To be honest, I didn't consider what I am good at, what I like doing the most, where do I excel, and what are my interests... what I have in mind is just one thing - I HATE MATH! I need to find a course where there is less or no Math at all. And so, I ended up with Mass Communication, major in Broadcast at the Centro Escolar University-Manila. Earlier, I answered one question in CV about how soon can you shift your course in college and somehow there's a correlation in both questions.

You should be careful in choosing a course because if at the end of the day you realise that it was a wrong decision, all your efforts, time, money will go to waste. Speaking of the decision, choosing a course MUST be your own. Choose what you think is best for you and what you think will give you success. There are also some factors to consider that might help you pick up a suitable course for you. They are as follows:

-Your interest-
When you are interested the more you are to study and aim to achieve a strong result.

-Cost of study / financial aid
In the Philippines, affordability is no. 1 to consider unless you are eligible for a scholarship program.

-Career opportunities-
Consider in-demand opportunities in the market, income, job security, competition, stress, etc.

Although, if you realise down the line that you wanted to shift course, that's also doable. However, it should be during the first year ideally as most of the subjects are minor so I am sure those will be credited. If you shift out during your first year and assuming that majority of the subjects taken were credited to your new course, technically you should be good to go to 2nd year. There might be a chance that you can be an irregular student but you can make it up by having a full or overload (hope I got that right again!) in that case you can be a regular student again. But, think thoroughly, aim for the best final decision to avoid the hassle of shifting courses.

I wish you all the best.

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Mickael’s Answer

Hi Rafael.

This is quite a tough question you are asking. I would start asking myself:
- what are the topics I am good at?
- what are the topics I like?
- what is I want to spend a long time doing (because unless you drastically change your job, you will spend quite some time on whatever your job requires)?
Then find the related topics in your college.

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Brayden’s Answer


One of the things I always suggest to people who arent sure about courses to take or what career path to follow I always suggest they take some time to truly ask themselves what it is that they want to do in life. I know that this can be a very daunting question but its something that you will have to answer eventually. Specifically to courses I always ask myself 'will this course advance me in my job or in life in general'. The answer is hopefully yes but its something that you have to ask because by doing this, its a great way to find motivation for something. Many times in school you are asked to do things that you might not like but ultimately you have to ask yourself whether or not that course will help me long term, and if so it helps drive motivation to put in max effort in order to get the most out of the course.

Also asking yourself if you will enjoy the material taught is another good way to see whether or not the class is worth taking because that initial course might help spawn a new interest you never thought you had.

Hopefully this helps!
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Gloria’s Answer

Hi rafael,

You have gotten some great advice to this point. What I might add is this suggestion - I would recommend being a Liberal Arts major if you want to go to college even without a focus in mind at the beginning. There are a lot of subjects that are brought up while taking this major. I know several people who have started with this major since it gives you exposure on a deep level to a wide variety of subjects. Sometimes going deep into a subject for one semester will allow you to find a passion that you didn't know that you had.