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What is typical daylike in your job?

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Jeanne’s Answer


Hi Paulina,

It's great that you've asked this question in a general way so hopefully you'll hear from lots of different careers!

I am a clinical psychologist in private practice. What that means is that I work for myself and have my own office. I have degrees in psychology, mental health counseling, and marriage and family therapy. In the last 20 years, I've worked with all kinds of people from the very poor to the very wealthy depending on where I've been working. I help people with anxiety, depression, problems with parents, problems with kids, marriage problems, all kinds of problems.

I work Mon - Fri. On a typical day, I will go to my office and have between 6 and 8 appointments that are about an hour long each, usually with one person at a time. One side of my office looks sort of like a living room and during appointments, we sit and talk. I listen for patterns in the person's life that may be keeping them stuck in their thinking or in old patterns they learned at home, or even in their unconscious and together we help the person get un-stuck (feel less anxious or depressed, for example). After each appointment, I write a short note about what happened and I keep a record of what we have worked on together.

I love my job because I've seen a whole lot of people learn to feel better about themselves, work out things that have been bothering them for years, and generally learn to cope with life better.

Erika’s Answer


I work in Business Process Improvements

It is great as you get to help the business in strategy, become an expert and support lots of business areas.

Each week can be different, I especially like that you get the opportunity to work with lots of people in the business.