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What do the hours and days of working look like for mental health nurse practitioner?

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Annie’s Answer

At my work the NP’s have it made. They work 8-4 Mon - Fri.

Really good job, hours and salary!

Thank you very much ! Clarissa L.

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Rebecca’s Answer

I think this just depends on what you want to do. If you work in a clinic full time hours are usually 9ish-5ish M-F some clinics give a day off during the week in exchange for a Saturday or working late if they have extended hours. Hospitals usually do three 12hour shifts per week and consider this full time. There are so many different settings and such a demand for this profession that you may even be able to set your own hours. I own a private practice and only see patients in nursing homes and assisted livings so I make my own schedule😃anything is possible!