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How is the pay for engineer's?

Would like to know how much they make to see weather or not i want to be one. #financial-planning

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2 answers

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Moe Pwint’s Answer

It depends on what kind of engineer you are talking about and where the engineer is located. I am a software engineer in the bay area and the starting salary is around 100k. Even though it seems like it's a lot of money, you have to account for the cost of living and the amount of taxes that we have to pay. Bay area has really high rent, everything is costly and the tax is high.

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Dick’s Answer

The software engineering field is one that is currently in high demand and one in which good engineers will continue to be in demand. This has driven the salaries of engineers up substantially in the past 5-10 years. Starting salaries are anywhere from about $80-85K thru $115K depending on location, experience, etc. I would also add that while this is just the salary, you should also consider the entire benefit package. Many offers come with stock options or restricted stock units in addition to your salary that can really add up and substantially increase what you are earning annually. Additionally, many software companies offer extensive benefits outside of just salaries & stock options. Examples being: catered/free lunches, snacks, unlimited PTO, flexible work hours, free parking, health reimbursement, cell phone bill reimbursement, etc.

Overall the earning potential for a software engineer is quite high, especially when stock options are part of the equation.