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How long do I go to school for in the Psychology field?

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2 answers

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Annie’s Answer

I’d say having a bachelors degree will get you case management like positions. Maybe some entry level counseling. But it will not pay a lot.

A Masters Degree will bump up your salary. Social Work or Mental Health are good options. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is a super good salary. Some states only require a masters to be a school psychologist.

As a fee-for-service counsleor, meaning I’m paid only for sessions where clients are present (I’m not paid if they aren’t home) we are paid $32-$37 per visit. Each visit is 53 minutes. But there’s travel time, notes/assessments, treatment plans, phone calls, etc. My job requires 20 sessions per week to be full time. The more visits you do the more you’re paid.

So at minimum I’d say a Masters Degree is necessary to have a decent wage.

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TRACEY’s Answer

Psychology is an open field! You will need to get your bachelor's degree to get started. After that, you should go for your masters. There is also a specialist program if you would like to work in a school district.