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important of engneering

i want learn more engneering jobs help e-learning

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2 answers

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Charles M’s Answer

I'm not sure exactly what you are asking.

There is an article on Wikipedia about engineering.

My input about the importance of engineering is that engineering solves complex problems, usually larger than one person can solve on their own. And the solutions to those problems are verified that they actually work and really do solve the problem without causing additional problems, as much as possible. Usually, the solutions engineers come up with mix together several different areas of study. An automobile, for example, mixes several disciplines including chemistry (burning fuel), structural mechanics (the design of the frame of the vehicle), heat flow (cooling system) and electricity (ignition system, safety lights, fan motors and other things) to solve the problem of getting from one place to another quickly, while being protected from the weather.

The difference between an engineer and an inventor is that the engineer is part of a larger team that solves large, complex problems. The inventor usually works alone or with a small group, to solve simpler problems.

Also the engineering team performs a methodical approach in studying the problem, identifying various different solutions, studying the different solutions, and selecting the one that works the best for the constraints, Then, proving the solution works, often by mathematical calculations, but always methodically testing it. The inventor chooses one solution and then builds it. The testing, if any, is not deep and methodical, like the engineering tests.

That is why engineering is important.
Solves large, complex problems.
Delivers solutions that have been proven to work and are safe to use.

i agree with Ken Simmons, that it is important to find out what you really want to do and what your personality temperament is best suited for, before you make the decision to be an engineer. If you do what you are best suited for, you will be a lot happier in your profession.

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Susan E.’s Answer

Thats a general question. What is it about engineering that you want to know about?