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Is the marketing field growing enough so that there's room for someone like me?

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3 answers

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Stacey’s Answer

Absolutely! Marketing is just a name for a very large field which encompasses so many different types of jobs. For example, you could pursue work in a marketing department for a large corporation where there are varying positions and typically a solid career path for promotions. Brand marketing is when you take a product and determine how to market it to the consumer through print and television advertising. E-commerce is a growing piece of the marketing profession. You are developing strategies for internet marketing/advertising. There is also Point-of-sale marketing in retail stores. You determine ways to attract the customer in-store to merchandise. If you’re good with numbers, analyzing graphs etc., you may like the Market Research field. Right out of college, I started as an account coordinator for an ad agency and worked my way up to print/ media buying. From there, I went to the corporate side of marketing & advertising and loved it. It’s a very creative field, so if that’s what you like, go for it!

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Vince’s Answer

Hi OliviaM,

This a great question. The answer is Yes! The marketing and advertising industry is a vast and diverse world. The questions I ask you is what specific area(s) do you want to pursue? It is very important to learn, discover and pursue a specific area you are passionate about in the marketing industry. Here are additional questions to help narrow down you focus and determine what specific area(s) you would like to focus on mastering and pursuing professionally.

1) Why am I interested in marketing?
2) What specific area in marketing am I interested in pursuing and passionate about learning and growing my career?
3) What are of marketing will challenge me to grow and pursue my interests the most?
4) Why do I want to pursue a career in marketing?
5) What resources do I need to help me start my career in marketing?
6) What is my timeframe to start my career in marketing? 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, etc...
7) What work or research have I done to help with my marketing career interests?
8) What skills and experience do I need to learn in order to pursue my career in marketing?
9) What do I want to learn as a future marketer?
10) What do I hope to gain as a professional marketer?

Marketing is in every industry where consumer goods, services or information is shared or sold. You will find marketing in just about every company.

Boeing - markets and sells airplanes
Microsoft - markets and sells software or services
Amazon - markets and sells products, services and hardware
Nordstrom - markets and sells shoes, clothing and a quality brand experience
Instagram - markets and sells a social media experience
Facebook - markets and sells a community experience
Google - markets and sells, search engine marketing expertise
Apple/Samsung - market and sell their iPhone/Galaxy phone products and accessories

There are many more examples out there. I am sure you can find in clothing you wear and electronics you use at home.

I recommend researching some of these companies websites. They will offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to help peek your interests and brainstorm on ideas that will help narrow down your search. The more you know will only help you to specify an area of marketing to focus on as a professional.

Marketing is a fun, exciting and challenging industry. It is a rewarding field to be in as a professional. It is constantly growing and evolving and it is not going away anytime soon. If there is a product, service or information that exists, marketing is the vehicle to help communicate and promote it.

Here are some next steps you can help you get started.

I wish you the best of luck in the pursuit of your professional marketing career adventure!



Vince recommends the following next steps:

Search YouTube for videos on the introduction to marketing.
Focus on 1-3 areas of marketing you would like to pursue: 1) Social Media Marketing 2) SEM, SEO 3) Email Marketing 4) Brand Marketing 5) Product Marketing
Take a marketing course on or (now LinkedIn Learning).
Create a LinkedIn account and start reaching out and networking with marketing professionals.
Be diligent, committed and patient with the process.
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Doina’s Answer

Dear Olivia,

There is a place for us in any field of work as long as we are ready to make a difference.

Marketing is growing day by day, especially the digital marketing.

I would recommend to focus on digital marketing, learn as much as you can, become a freelance consultant and give yourself the chance to grow.

Take free classes on, and try your first gig on

Doina recommends the following next steps:

learn more, try the online free classes on