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what is a typical day like in your job ?

i am automotive #mechanic

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2 answers

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Clinton’s Answer

Hi Michael,

Not a mechanic here, but have some experience with being one. I would usually spend long days working on getting generic problems fixed for customers where everything eventually became so mundane and wearing because I was in autopilot and not learning anything.

I did this while doing mechanical engineering classes at university, and now that I'm graduated and working- it is a world of difference! Everyday I'm faced with new challenging problems that always require the utmost thought and attention to solve. Sometimes the work is long, other times it can be completed fast, but that doesn't matter because the work is so engaging. I'm constantly creating new tools and parts for gas turbine with teams of engineers, everyone is smart, supportive and very very creative.

Find something you love to do and you will never work a day in your life.

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Zahid’s Answer

My day starts early in the morning like 05:30 AM, It more or less feels like college when i am still kinda sleepy and meet/greet my co-workers/friends/family in office.

Like any other day we start with taking hand off's from our co-workers from the previous shifts, go to breakfast with the team have fun at the table. We have team meetings where we discuss on issues/challenges/work and talk about where to go next for an outing..

In short my typical day is fun, challenging, learning new stuff every day.