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What are the things I need to be an automotive technician, which college will be the best?

Hi my name is Jose G. and I want to be an automotive technician.One of my strength is that am good at hands on.I'm good at following directions and getting the job done.My weakness is that I'm a little lazy and I need to focus more.

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4 answers

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Ceasar’s Answer

First, congratulations on picking a trade that's always on demand & can lead to a very lucrative profession for you & family. You have essentially answered your own question by pinpointing your strengths & career aspirations. The only part you need to determine is what's your end goal; meaning, what are you looking to accomplish? In this particular case, becoming an automotive technician. What are the tools required to obtain these skills? Completing the necessary courses/learning tools to become a successful automotive technician. There's nothing in life worth having without hardwork, dedication but most importantly commitment. Good luck!

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Lauren’s Answer

Hi Jose! Great question. It's awesome that you're interested in working with your hands. I'm not a professional in the automotive industry, but I used to work for a nonprofit that supports students going into transportation technician careers. They offer scholarships, tips, info, awards, etc. I highly recommend visiting www.techforce.org as a great place to start.

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Cheryl’s Answer

My guess is that your local communty college has an auto tech program. You can find this out online. Look up if they have the auto tech major. You can typically get a 1 year certificate or 2 year degree. If they don't, call the admissions office and ask if they know who does offer a program for you. They should know who does. Then, you want to apply for financial aid. You will need to fill out FAFSA.
Depending on your family income, you may get all of your training paid for (under 60k) . Just note that it takes several months for the money to come through, so filling this form out asap will keep you motivated.
Another route is to check out special programs through the community college that has partnerships with GM, Ford, Chrysler and others. You could just stop by any service department and ask any techs if they know of a program like that in your area. They can pay you while you learn, so you get paid, and get certified at the same time. The only thing is then you sometimes have to commit to work for them for a period of time. I'd ask around service dept dealerships about this.
The demand is so high for this trade right now, that you shouldn't have a problem making it happen. If you do , then ask us those questions, so we can get you past whatever is in your way. You got this!

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Kelsey’s Answer

I would recommend looking into an automotive specialty. Working for a large high end car company will provide more opportunity and higher salary than small shops or chains like Pep Boys. I would start by looking into certifications at local tech schools necessary to apply for jobs with large automotive companies like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, or even Toyota. There is no substitution for experience; stop by some local shops or dealers and ask questions, hang around, try to get work and don't be afraid to start at the bottom. Working while earning a certification will help to shape the right career for you.