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Annemarie C. Oct 04, 2013 8624 views

Did your college help you a lot to get your first job?

Hi, My name is Annemarie and I am in highschool. I heard that colleges have job offices that help students get jobs, but they do not guarantee jobs. Some of my older cousins said that they didn't think their college was very helpful for getting a job. Did you get your first job from your...

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Sarah M. Apr 26, 2016 1817 views

How did you choose what company to work for?

People say that figuring out what job you should do or even which industry you should work in is the hard part, but what about once you have? How do you choose what companies to apply at? What did you look for in a company? I am now at the stage where I'm looking for internships at tech...

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Hannah W. Oct 27, 2016 609 views

How do you think we can encourage more women to pursue a career in STEM fields?

As a young lady myself, I am saddened by the lack of interest in STEM that I see in my female peers. As children, an equal amount of men and women are interested in STEM fields, but as we grow up, girls seem to view STEM as a more masculine field and begin to distance themselves from it. I...

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Rachel B. Feb 03, 2017 701 views
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Zoya H. Apr 25, 2018 601 views

How long does it take for one to complete their Bachelor's?

I was counted the amount of time I will spend in school after High school. I was considering going into Information Technology Management. How long is the schoolimg in terms of getting your bachelors and masters degree? #information-technology-and-services #project-management #help #bs...


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Tracey N. Nov 30, 2018 356 views

Have you ever attended college, if so which one?

Basically answer if you have at anytime attended any college and just mention the name of the facility of the school . #college #student...


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cecilio A. Nov 30, 2018 273 views

what was your job title

what did you do in your work...


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Julissa M. Aug 27, 2019 355 views

I am in the 11th grade and I am just beginning to explore my future career , what are some careers and helpful next steps I should consider based on my passions and interests ?

At school , I am most interested in helping others and socializing , while my hobbies include participating in new activities , and learning new aspects in life . A topic that I am passionate about is learning about others . What are some career options that best align with these interests and...

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Carylle T. Sep 01, 2019 285 views