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Best way to get into Electrical work? #electrical-engineering #career-development

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2 answers

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Kevin’s Answer

Hi Austin,

If you're interested in the field you do have a lot of options. You can go to a trade school and become an electrician. If you want to be an Electrical Engineer going to a 4 year college and getting a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering would be another way.

If you're just interested in electrical work in general you can always pick up a hobby now tinkering with small projects, here is a quick link to some more complex projects you can look at:

If you're not really sure about any of the above and just want to know a little more about how electricity works in general, this link will help you:

I'll give you a little take on my experience: I originally went to NC State University for Electrical Engineering, ended up not liking it as much as I thought I would and ended up going into Software Engineering instead. I still do electrical work on the side as a hobby :)

Hope this helps!

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Anshu’s Answer

Hi Austin ,

You can get into electric job by two ways -

If you are fresher you can try and get job through Campus placement .

Else , you can prepare for any competitive exams and crack it to get into the government jobs .