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What are the top projected careers in the next 4 years ?

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What career fields are in the most demand?

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Hi Melanie, I like this question. It means you're thinking ahead at the marketability of skillsets. I work in software so my answer will be biased by my day-to-day. I recommend listening to other answers as well.

Software engineering

"Software is eating the world" is a famous quote in the tech industry. We need more sharp software engineers to help build out new products and services.

Machine learning/data science

I personally believe we will start automating software more and more in the future. Machine learning engineers and data scientists are just now scratching the surface. Every company collects massive amounts of data on users, logistics, etc. and struggle to find the needle in the haystack. Data-minded professionals help companies take action on that data.


Though software is also eating medicine to some degree, Physicians/nurses are a perennial career path. People will continue getting sick and medical professionals will be called upon to help sort us out.


Corporations and people alike will continue to use the services of attorneys. They have a specialized skillset that will be difficult to replace completely. Another perennial career choice.


Unless robots quickly start thinking of business ideas themselves, we'll need entrepreneurs to keep us moving forward. If you have a good idea, start thinking of ways to operationalize it!