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How much do special agents get paid? How much do you enjoy your job? What other opportunities are available?

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2 answers

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Tasha’s Answer

It depends who you work for as an Agent. In the Military you are paid the salary of your rank, whereas the civilian side you get paid based on your GS rank which typically starts at 70k and goes up from there.
The job is really what you make of it. There are times when you have to leave your family and be up at 0300 hours and work straight through the day. Then there are times when you just kind of get to chill. Work hard play hard. It's not an easy job but can be very rewarding.
Depends on what kind of opportunities you are asking about. Each organization has different departments and levels within for education and training. Typically you receive raises and promotions as well.

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Nicole’s Answer

It depends on where in the nation you are placed (l Remember you get to pick 5 places in order of where you would like to be placed and I believe it's 2/3 of the people usually end up in the top 3 location) If you want to be in California Washington Ace new Yorker any of the bordering States you are likely going to be placed there and I believe the pay is higher but it also goes along with experience and which part of the agency you are going to be working for whether it's linguistics and analysis on the bomb squad decoding etc I believe the minimum annual salary is approximately $57000 it goes all the way up to a $191000