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how do you become a elementary teacher?

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3 answers

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Buckley’s Answer

My mother is an Elementary School teacher, so I have firsthand accounts of how to make it happen.

Most people go to college for a Bachelor's degree in Education. This is a 4 year degree where you'll learn how to make lesson plans, interact with students in the classroom, learn classroom technology, and different methods of teaching certain skills, among other skills. You will choose what discipline you want to teach (English, History, Math, Science, etc.).

As you get closer to graduation, you will need to gain experience as a student-teacher. This is usually done by pairing up with a teacher at a school in the counties around the college or university you are attending. You will be shadowing and co-teaching with an experience teacher for a semester. Here you will help create lesson plans, lead projects, and help students and the teacher in other ways around the classroom.

At the end of your schooling, you'll need to take a test to get certified in whatever state you'd like to teach in. Your schooling up to this point should prepare you for this, and there are also study materials for it online. Hope this helped!

Buckley recommends the following next steps:

Research colleges with education degrees and apply
Talk with your teachers about their experiences and what they like/don't like
Student teach at the end of college
Get certified in the state of your choice

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Simeon’s Answer

You can either go into teaching the normal route, by getting a teaching degree and doing teaching hours during college, or you can get a fully different degree and get into teaching through an alternative teaching certification. This will give you more career options long-term if you end up not enjoying teaching and want to switch into a different industry.

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Kim’s Answer


In Texas, in addition to majoring in Education, there are other ways to go into Teaching. You could major in the subject of your choice, and then go on to get a teaching certification. You could also enter the Teach for America program. This link provides additional information on both of these:https://www.alleducationschools.com/teacher-certification/texas/

It is possible to teach at a charter school without the teaching certification. However, overall, these teachers are paid less than public school teachers. Also, while working in employment placement, the teachers I helped told me that the public schools are reluctant to hire teachers from the charter schools. That may or may not be true, so, you will need to further evaluate this if you are considering teaching in a charter school.

Thank you for your interest in teaching! Best of luck to you!