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what office jobs pay 6 digits and not hard to find?

i am a student at job corps in El Paso TX, and i'm interested in working inside a office or maybe becoming a investment banker any suggestions? #career #business

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5 answers

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Amanda’s Answer

Find something you like. If you enjoy it you'll do well, if you hate it you won't. It might be cliche but that's because it's true.

I went to school for degrees that I knew had the best return on investment but I wanted to work with computers. I received some bad advice, that it wouldn't pay well so I avoided it. I hated the classes I was in and it didn't go well for me. I decided I would do what I wanted to do and quickly found out it would pay off. Now I'm a software engineer and I'm really grateful I followed that path. I wish I had sooner.

Software engineer job start around 6 figures. If not It only takes a year or two to get above that. Once you have experience it's very easy to find jobs. It does often require a degree but it's worth it if you like computers and solving puzzles.

Amanda recommends the following next steps:

Go to university and find out what you like.

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Tirzah’s Answer

I know it seems like 6 digits is important but you should look at your interests and different industries to see what you might enjoy. Don't go after money. Money will come once you build up skills, mentors and experience. Determine what things you can do better than anyone else...ask family and friends what they think you are good at if you are stuck.

Office jobs vary from Functional areas like Sales to Operations (Executing far reaching initiatives from inception of an idea to implementing it in a retail store) or Human Resources, or Information Technology, or Finance or Marketing, or Engineering. There are office jobs in different sectors so determine if you like a particular industry (Technology, Science, Health, Insurance, Entertainment, Communications/Media, Retail, Government, etc...). Research both functional areas as well as industries as any of these areas in combination with your mastery of these areas can lead to a 6 figure income if you put in the effort.

Tirzah recommends the following next steps:

Research career sites like careerbuilder.com or nexxt.com or linkedin.com
Make a list of your interests and try to find people that companies related to your interests.
Research job fairs, job boards, & college career centers to get idea of different types of jobs based on your interests.

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Zak’s Answer

I think 6 figures is a lot to earn early in a career! Perhaps many investment bankers do earn over $100k, but openings in that field are very competitive, and this not easy to find.
A broad field that I beleive consistently has many openings and high starting salaries is engineering (e.g. mechanical or electrical engineering). Also Another field I like to mention is actuarial science. I conisder it a sweet spot for high demand, high pay, and reasonable work-life balance.

Also, as many other have said, don't get TOO caught up in the money. Make sure to find out what aligns with your interests and desired lifestyle.

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Melissa’s Answer

So inside sales can make 6 digits. Most corporations have inside sales jobs as their entry position. Once you have been in the position at least 2 years, you usually can move up in the company.

thank you for being clear and specific :) Colby G.

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Harrison’s Answer

This is a capitalist society so there is no such a job paying 6 digits without requiring hardworking.

its 2019 pal you can literally make a million bucks on YouTube just recording yourself sniffing a sharpie. Colby G.

Yes, but honestly, being a youtuber takes tremendous amount of your time of a day. It usually takes hours to edit a 15-minute-long video and it's highly possible that you are not going to get monetized in a long period of time. Harrison Lu