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what office jobs pay 6 digits and not hard to find?

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i am a student at job corps in El Paso TX, and i'm interested in working inside a office or maybe becoming a investment banker any suggestions? #career #business

3 answers

Amanda’s Answer


Find something you like. If you enjoy it you'll do well, if you hate it you won't. It might be cliche but that's because it's true.

I went to school for degrees that I knew had the best return on investment but I wanted to work with computers. I received some bad advice, that it wouldn't pay well so I avoided it. I hated the classes I was in and it didn't go well for me. I decided I would do what I wanted to do and quickly found out it would pay off. Now I'm a software engineer and I'm really grateful I followed that path. I wish I had sooner.

Software engineer job start around 6 figures. If not It only takes a year or two to get above that. Once you have experience it's very easy to find jobs. It does often require a degree but it's worth it if you like computers and solving puzzles.

Amanda recommends the following next steps:

  • Go to university and find out what you like.

Melissa’s Answer


So inside sales can make 6 digits. Most corporations have inside sales jobs as their entry position. Once you have been in the position at least 2 years, you usually can move up in the company.

thank you for being clear and specific :) Colby G.

Harrison’s Answer


This is a capitalist society so there is no such a job paying 6 digits without requiring hardworking.

its 2019 pal you can literally make a million bucks on YouTube just recording yourself sniffing a sharpie. Colby G.
Yes, but honestly, being a youtuber takes tremendous amount of your time of a day. It usually takes hours to edit a 15-minute-long video and it's highly possible that you are not going to get monetized in a long period of time. Harrison Lu