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what are office administater's responsibilities?

I would like to have a routine in my career but at the same time do something a little different sometimes. #career-path #office-administraion

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2 answers

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Dawn’s Answer

Office admin responsibilities can very depending on their department and boss.  In general they are:

  • Monitoring the operations going on in the office
  • Scheduling meetings and appointments for upper level staff members and with executive functions
  • Serving as the liaison and go-to person for any office conflicts and inquiries
  • Managing the staff’s schedule
  • Tracking the inventory of office supplies
  • Making and approving all supply orders

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Cheryl’s Answer

Selena - If you are looking for a position that offers a diversity of daily job duties, an administrative position would be a great fit.

Here are some examples of job duties

1. Manage Executives Outlook Calendar
2. Schedule large meetings using webex or Telepresence technology
3. Coordinate Travel Arrangements
4. Process High Level expense reports
5. Plan Employee/Company Events
6. Space Planning
7. Assisting New Hires
8. Ordering Office Supplies and Computer Equipment
9. Set up large vendor meetings

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