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Do you enjoy your job? do you have any complaints? any advice?

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Robin R.’s Answer

I do currently enjoy my job, but I have had jobs in the past I did not enjoy. Since everyone has different preferences, you will be the best judge of a good fit for you. Every job you have, take note of what you like and don't like about it, and keep looking for your next job that spends more time doing the stuff you like and less time doing the stuff you don't like.

In general, you want to find an employer that doesn't have too much turn over, if people are leaving all the time that is a red flag. You want to find an employer that offers benefits and paid time off (sick days, vacation days) and respects it's employees reasonable requests to take that time off. It's always a good interview question to ask the person interviewing you what they like best about their job.

Thank you for your answer! It's very helpful! Have a lovely day! Damien C.

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Laura’s Answer

I really enjoy my job because i really like sales. But as everything in life we always have challenges. Focus on the good things and do what you love