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what programming languages do you need to know for video game designing

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3 answers

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Rebecca’s Answer

If you are thinking of games like Starcraft, Counter-Strike, and Doom, those are typically written in C++.

Currently, the best programming languages for video games are:

  • C++
  • Java
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • SQL

Source https://www.gamedesigning.org/career/programming-languages/

If you are new to programming, I would try to get started with Javascript, Java, or HTML/CSS. C++ is a very challenging language for beginners.

Rebecca recommends the following next steps:

Learn a bit about Javascript, Java, or HTML/CSS.

thank you for the answer it was really helpful Andrew N.

You are welcome Andrew. Best of luck to you! Rebecca Drabenstott

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Somil’s Answer

One of the easiest way to start developing computer/mobile games is to learn game development engines like Unity. Unity uses C# and javascript as its programming language. You can start with unity tutorials which are available freely on youtube. You can learn about how the engine operates and how you define simple rules using programming. Once you start getting hang of programming, you can check out online tutorials on udemy/ udacity/ codecademy etc. You can also find free tutorials on javascript on youtube.

Somil recommends the following next steps:

Unity Game Engine

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Abhishek’s Answer

It all depends on the platform you are trying to develop.

Having said that,
In retro gaming for very modest systems C and Assembly are the only realistic choices.
For the core engine of AAA games on modern platforms C++.
For Mobile games its usually JAVA.

In most scenarios, you would end up developing a game on a commercial game development engine like Unity, where you could simply use scripting languages.