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Are there any school courses I should pursue for being a Zoologist?

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2 answers

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Sherrie’s Answer

Hi Emily,

I would highly recommend Texas A&M (College Station).

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David’s Answer

To become a zoologist, you need a college degree in the field of zoology. Depending on where you work, this could be a bachelor's, master's, or Ph.D. Experience is also required to advance in the field, and employers look for skills in:

Critical thinking
Complex problem solving
Decision making
Active learning
Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Word, and scientific software

Some bachelor's degree programs in zoology allow for specialization and others are more generalized. Core courses for most programs are general biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Sometimes the biology requirement is divided into courses in molecular and organismal biology. If specialization is allowed or required, options are marine biology, ecology, genetics, animal behavior, or zoo and aquarium science. You can create a specialization by taking certain elective courses in the subject.