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What are some good careers other then a professional sports league that an active person would like

I play football and basketball very good at both but football is my main sport not really interested in any other career or topic at the moment but I’m open to new ideas sports

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3 answers

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Dennis’s Answer

Here you go!

Types of Sports Jobs
In the college sports sector, choose from these athletic department jobs:

Athletic Trainer
Coach – many different sports
Assistant Coach
Associate Athletic Director
Athletic Director
Physical Education Instructor
Marketing and Promotions Coordinator
Athletic Program Development Director
Sports Information Director
In the field known as Health and Fitness, there are these jobs and sports careers:

Athletic Trainer
Physical Therapist
Medical Assistant
Sports Medicine Aide
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Physical Therapy Assistant
Sports Massage Therapist
Sports and Fitness Nutritionist
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Exercise Physiologist
Sports Physician
Sports Psychologist
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Estelle’s Answer

Personal trainer, Coach, Sports manager.
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Andrew’s Answer

I work with a guy who does officiating on the side, it can be a pretty fruitful gig and there is always a shortage of young officials/referees. It takes a mastering of the rules and interpretations and such but having played at a fairly high level definitely helps you in that regard. Look into the certification of your state for both sports, it can at least be a start and provides good contacts.