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What's it like to be a marine biologist?

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2 answers

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Sherrie’s Answer

Hello Kirsten,

Being a marine biologist was the most exhausting, beautiful, fun, rewarding, exciting, free-spirited, part of my career. I sailed the high seas throughout the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, traveled 2500 feet beneath the Atlantic Ocean in a research submaring, scuba dived with sharks, etc. It's a lot of work, and depending on what you are doing there may be real life-threatening hazards you need to avoid, but you get to experience nature in a way that most people don't in their careers. If you want to pursue a career as a marine biologist, I would encourage you to work hard in math,physics and chemistry, in addition to biology.
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Samantha’s Answer

Hi Kirsten,

I have many friends and also love scuba diving myself.
A typical day can range from hours of diving on beautiful reefs; sampling the ocean from boats and ships; working up samples in the laboratory; figuring out the results on computers or writing up the findings for publication. This job sounds fun and very rewarding and the places you would travel to would be incredible.

I hope this helps :)