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What college courses would I need to take to get an elementary teaching degree?

I am a junior in high school and I have always been interested in teaching. My mother is a high school teacher however I like to work with little kids. I’m intrigued with all math classes, soccer and basketball. I would really like some advice to guide my path and to get my college classes figured out. What classes would those be if I would like to major in math with a elementary education degree? #teaching #education #college #math #teacher #college #college

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2 answers

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Ben’s Answer

Being an elementary teacher will require a 4 year degree in a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science program. There are very few colleges and universities that do not offer these specific programs. Some college courses are required at all institutions in order to earn the degree. Early childhood development classes are a requirement. Other requirements include core history, math, and writing courses, similar to some high school courses. Some of these core classes may not need to be taken in college if you have received credit for these courses through a high school AP test score. Another class that is generally required for all programs is a student teaching course.


Ben recommends the following next steps:

Look into the early education programs at colleges and universities that you are interested in applying to. Each will tend to have some slight differences in more advanced course offerings (junior and senior level courses).
Get a job as a tutor in order to get some extra experience as an instructor. This job will give you a much better idea of your strengths and weaknesses as an instructor.

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Janet’s Answer

The college or university you attend should have this information. Also check the website of your state's Board of Education .