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What schooling education is required to become an anesthesiologist?

I am a junior and i’ve always been interested in the medical field.
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5 answers

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Richard’s Answer

Take as many AP or IB courses in high school. You have a lot of years of education in front of you and getting college credit in high school can save you time and money.

In the US, to apply to medical school, you need a bachelor's degree. Any 4-year university should suffice.

Pick a college that suits your personality and a major that interests you. You will need to get good grades in college in order to apply for medical school. At the medical school I attended, the average GPA is reported to be 3.85, so even one or two B's can hurt your chances of acceptance.

Aside from this, any major is acceptable as long as you complete the prerequisite courses.

Typical medical school prerequisites include:
Biology: Lecture – 4 semesters; Lab – 1 semester
General Chemistry: Lecture – 2 semesters; Lab – 1 semester
Organic Chemistry: Lecture – 2 semesters; Lab – 1 semester
Biochemistry: Lecture – 1 semester
General Physics: Lecture – 2 semesters; Lab – 1 semester
Math: Statistics – 1 semester
English: Rhetoric (Composition) and Literature – 2 semesters

During college study for and complete the MCAT. Apply to medical schools during your last year of college.

Medical school takes 4 years to complete.

After medical school anesthesiologists complete a 4 year residency for additional training.
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Rachel’s Answer

Just to add on to the above answers, I would recommend aiming for at least a 3.5 GPA (>3.8 is better) and taking an MCAT prep course. Those are the two biggest factors med school will look at in the application process.
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Susan’s Answer

First, of course, is a college degree followed by 4 years of medical school, resulting in an MD degree.
After that, an internship in a hospital. This can be in medicine or surgery. Some Anesthesiology programs
have their own internship year. Following that, an Anesthesiology residency, 3 years. For specialization,
such as pediatric anesthesiology, pain management or cardiac anesthesiology, fellowship year(s) follow the residency.
So, it is usually 12 years or more beyond high school.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. Being an anesthesiologist is exciting and challenging. You must "think on your feet"
constantly. You must know about diseases, drugs, treatments, technology and more, besides just putting a patient to sleep
and waking them up. It is a field that changes continuously. In addition, patient interaction is key.

It is also one of the few fields of medicine that you can have a life outside of the office or hospital.
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Marc’s Answer

Hi Tessa! The education required to become an anesthesiologist is as follows: 1) College degree, 2) Medical school degree (can be either MD or DO), 3) Completion of an anesthesia residency program (typically four years).
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Dheeraj’s Answer

Anesthesiology is a specialization a medical doctor does after premed and medical school.
After medical school a candidate has to take United State Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE) and then apply to various residency programs and do interviews.
Once accepted into a residency program one has to complete one year of internship followed by three years of anesthesiology residency.
After successfully completing residency it is recommended to take Anesthesiology boards and then practice.