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I want to become commando

My name is Sumit in 9th class. my aim is to become commando because I love to serve my nation. but i don't get any guidance how to achieve my aim of life. #professor #professional #educator #professional-sports

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Roshan’s Answer

I will help you to give 100% correct information about joining of NSG camando.

following are some detailed information about joining NSG camando.

If you are in the paramelitary forces like as :

SSB, CRPF, ITBP, Assam rifle, Cisf, BSF, then you can join NSG camando by qualify a simple exam in the army. For this your age limit should be below 30 years. and you should have job in paramelitary forces in 14 years. After passing the exam, You will be go for Commando Training Centers.

I think this will help you more.

Read more: http://joindefence.com/qualification-required-join-indian-commando-22535.html#ixzz47GLef2Uu