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I want to become a banker

I am Pushpa in 9th class. I want to become a Banker. whenever i went to bank see the people are working in bank. please tell me what i have do after completing my 10th and suggest any course #finance #professional #banking

Hello Pushpa, I want to suggest you firstly to complete your Graduation Studies. Because in most of banking exams the eligibility criteria required is Graduation. &amp; then you can apply for Banking Exams like - <a href="https://scoop.eduncle.com/ibps-po-question-papers">IBPS PO</a>, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, RBI Exams etc. Yes, if you want to prepare for right now, then there are some suggestions for you - Keep yourself updated with all the latest news &amp; current affairs. Pay extra attention to all the basics of mathematics. (It will help you in Reasoning &amp; Quantitative Aptitude. Practice English Grammar questions. I hope it will help you. Best of Luck :) Divya J.

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4 answers

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Tracy’s Answer

Hello Pushpa, any courses you can take in finance, banking, business law or general accounting and business administrations will help in your goals toward becoming a banker. Obtaining a part-time job in a bank as a teller, will also provide you with a good opportunity to understand the banking environment before you decide to make it a career. However, remember that there is much more to banking that working in a branch, so any amount of general business and finance education you obtain, will help make you more prepared to work in the banking industry. Good luck!

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SHELLEY’s Answer

Keep your grades high so you can qualify for an excellent college. You will need a financing degree.

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Jordan’s Answer

Hi Pushpa-

I think you should decide what part of banking you are interested in. To work at a branch office of Chase, for example, there are a few different roles.

A bank Teller gives customers change, takes deposits and helps with withdrawing money. You would need to finish high school or have a GED for a role like this.

There are also roles like wealth management, mortgage consultant etc. If you want some of the higher level and higher paying jobs you should consider pursuing a college degree in finance or economics.

You can also walk into a few local banks by where you live and ask if anyone at the bank would be willing to speak with you about a future career path in banking. You may have to ask a few people but I think you would be surprised at how willing they may be to help you.

Thank You SIr pushpa S.

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Jeeva’s Answer

While in school, it's important to focus in math and read about business to prepare for a career in banking.

Also begin to familiarize yourself with computer software programs, such as databases and spreadsheets (MS Office).

Check YouTube videos related to banking process.

In addition to that develop good customer service skills. (You could do that during college days) For now focus on math and read a lot about business.

While you choose your subjects choose the one with maths and computer. (Example : Maths Computer in call XII or junior college). B.Com will be an ideal course to do.

Thank u Sir pushpa S.