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should i work at home

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3 answers

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Allie’s Answer

Hi Olivia! I work for PwC, and we have a flexible work environment. I work from home frequently, and I find one of the downsides is the lack of social interaction. It is also nice to work from the office because if I have questions or someone needs me, I am can easily get up from my desk and be there. Hope this helps!

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Cheryl’s Answer

You definitely have to look at your personal situation and what the job entails. You need to be honest with yourself and evaluate your work habits and discipline carefully.
Working from home definitely has its benefits, like no commute time, ability to focus & not be interrupted, commute savings etc. , but you have to be a very motivated & disciplined employee to ensure you are getting your job duties done.
Having a space within your home designated as a work, no interruption zone is extremely helpful if you are considering this move to work from home only. It can get lonely and the feeling of never leaving the house creeps in quickly.
Integrating virtual conference calls and work groups into your day can help lessen the loss of social interaction. Also, getting out into public spaces to work for a few hours can help lessen the monotony of always looking at the same four walls at home.
If possible, try to get a mix of best of both worlds.

Best Wishes to you!

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Jennifer’s Answer

I think you have to weigh out the pros and cons of working from home. I also think to work from home you have to be able to work independently and be a self motivating employee. Another thing to consider is do you have a space at home that you may work home and not be distracted by others in the home. Working from home can be a great option but I definitely think the answer depends on your own situation and what you feel comfortable with. I have heard from others that do work from home and the only negative feedback I have heard is that they miss the social face to face interaction with others, so if you are one that does like or have a need to have that interaction that may be something that deters you from working from home.